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TWiT 477: Ello Moto

Shellshock, Ello, bitter Twitter, Bendghazi, and more.

TWiT 476: Brain in a Jar

Apple gold, warrant canaries, Fire for kids, Larry Ellison's island, and more.

TWiT 475: Apple is Touching Me

Apple Watch, Microsoft and Mojang, end of MacWorld magazine, and more.

TWiT 474: I'm Too Sexy for My iWatch

Cloud security, Apple's agenda, end of Twitpic, and more.

TWiT 473: Weaponized Dirigibles

Virtual nausea, Uber vs. Lyft, smart phone kill switch, and more.

Dvorak & Horowitz Unplugged

DHUnplugged #241: Break Out The Gas Masks !

A case of Ebola in the U.S. spooks markets but is great for a few stocks that have potential vaccines. Airline stocks are hit on the news as well. - We discuss the strength of the U.S. dollar and the knock on effects it has for Gold,

DHUnplugged #240: Skynet Is Going To Crash Markets

We look at the next possible reason for a stock market crash. Find out more and why this may be already in the works. Inversions are out, markets are worried and much more in this episode. - We also cover, the new iPhone,

DHUnplugged #239: Say Goodbye To The Taxi Industry

So much to discuss. The new iPhone, China's economic woes, Band Practice, fake beheadings,  and the death of the taxi industry via Uber. - We also spend some time looking at a few stocks, the recent stimulus that is being offered by the bank of China ...